Why Choose Jellyfish Cotton for RBA/RDA/RDTA Wicking

Taking consideration of RBA/RDA/RDTA Wicking, we will have to make a choice to take what kind of cotton for wicking?
Advertisement flies everywhere and it's hard to make a choice for personally wicking.

In early days, we choose cosmetic cotton such as KGD, Puff, Muji etc.
However, those cosmetic cotton, which is called as organic cotton, is not specifically maufactured for vaping.
We are short of resource on the wicking materials and have to make new option for something much much more professional.

For Cosmetic cotton, there are two points for cotton standard: Safe and Cheap.
Safe: The material have to be 100% cotton and there is no chemical treated.
Cheap: Since it's daily use, Cheap is very important to make sure every girls are affordable for the cotton.
We don't need to explain more on this items, but of course, costmetic cotton are 100% safe for wicking but not the ideal wicking material for wicking.

Jellyfish cotton offer the cotton wicking solution!
We only use the top rank quality natural organice cotton fiber.
This longgest fiber from cotton make sure smoothest vape & taste!
From material fiber cotton to cotton strips, Jellyfish cotton is specifically manufactured.

All process are carefully treated and cotton fiber is taken with proprietary purification to remove impurities, natural oils and pesticides.

Jellyfish wicking cotton get great flavor and offer smoothest vape.
More and more people use Jellyfish and make the final choice that Jellyfish will be the 1st choice for wicking.


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